6 days past

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Well, its been six days since Weasleys leg was amputated and he is doing very well. He is adapting just fine to it, hates the cone the most. I woke up last night and somehow he had gotten out of it in his crate and i was praying all stitches were still there. Luckily they were all still there and im not sure he even realized the cone was off the incision looked untouched thank goodness. Does anyone have any secret tips about the e-collars? If he gets out of it again, it might be a lot worse. Thanks for all the positive thoughts sent our way we both appreciate it very much! And i swear the day he does not that dang cone ever again DRINKS ON ME

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I saved you, but really you saved me.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I work as an intake receptionist at an emergency animal hospital in Alabama. We have strays brought in all the time that have been hit by cars and are surrendered to our care, and depending on their condition we treat them or end their suffering. That was supposed to be the fate of one of the dogs that was brought in. His leg was badly torn up full bone exposed and the flesh was a dark dark red. It had been open for about a week until someone found him close to the road and brought him into our clinic. When i first opened the cage i let him sniff my hand and he nose bumped my hand to be on top of his head and i just knew this was my dog now. I had been asking our doctor the next night about him and he asked if i was interested in adopting him i said i wasn’t super sure just yet but that i was strongly thinking about it and he told me i better make up my mind because tomorrow was “E” day. Hearing that they might possibly euthanize i called our director and adopted him. The next night i came in he was gone and i panicked. Turns out our director took him to our sister vet for them to do the amputation but the Dr there decided to try and save the leg. He stayed at the vet from November 20th- December 29th. They wanted to wait till the bone was no longer exposed before allowing him to come home with me. I went and saw him everyday (except Sundays) and spent an hour and a half or more with him so he could familiarize himself with me and he did. We have formed such a strong bond. His leg began to get worse. Each toe is either dislocated or severely fractured. He would wake up from sleeping screaming trying to get to the leg. He was in so much pain so though the decision was hard it was time to take the leg. And now thats where we are on 1/13/2016 at 6pm weasleys back left leg was amputated. I have been up all night researching tripod dogs and found this blog forum site and im hoping that helps. Would love to talk to people who have been through this already. weas